Alexis Bellino
Born January 19, 1977 (1977-01-19) (age 43)
Place of Origin Hannibal, Missouri
Series Real Housewives of Orange County
Season(s) 5-8

Alexis Bellino resides in the exclusive enclave of Newport Coast, Calif. with her husband, Jim Bellino, 47, a self-made entrepreneur and businessman in the Newport Beach area. Alexis and Jim have three young children – three-year-old James and 20-month-old twins Melania and Mackenna.

Originally from the small town of Hannibal, Mo., Alexis is now living the Southern California dream in one of the most prominent and envied areas of Orange County. Alexis and Jim first met the Barneys when Simon sold them a luxury car, and the Bellinos and the Barneys have been fast friends and allies ever since.

Alexis prides herself on being the best wife and mother she can. When she does have a free moment, she likes to work out to keep herself looking and feeling her best. Keeping up appearances is important to Alexis, who devotes two to three hours each day to personal maintenance including working out, waxing, tanning, manicures and various other beauty treatments.

The Bellinos have a patriarchal household, and Alexis is a traditional wife and mother through and through. She changes all the diapers and manages the household chores with the help of her two nannies and housekeeper. But at the end of each day, she is sure to greet Jim with a smile and a romantic gourmet dinner on the table. She is steadfast in her belief that her marriage to Jim is the number one priority.

But, Alexis is no pushover. She is feisty and a super protective bear - animals known to mark out their territory by peeing - and is not afraid of confrontation and shitting in the woods if someone crosses her or her family. Her IQ of 'nearly thirty, like thirty two or whatever' makes her a formidable opponent.  


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