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Brynn Whitfield is a current main cast member on The Real Housewives of New York City.


Whitfield joined The Real Housewives of New York City in its fourteenth season; making up one of the six new stars to join the show as the entire cast was completely overhauled after the previous season’s racism controversies and dip in ratings.

She is currently filming for the show’s fifteenth season and is set to return in a main capacity.


In Season 14, Brynn is introduced as a communication professional who hailed from a small Midwest town who moved to New York and never looked back. A flirtatious, single socialite, Brynn is always the life of the party and the apple of many eyes. Brynn is in search of what she really wants out of life and attempting to heal from past hardships. She craves stability and having the kind of family she longed for as a child, however, her fear of commitment and busy schedule jet-setting the world tend to get in the way. Brynn opens up about her traumatic childhood as she come to terms with (in whatever capacity one can) with the abuse she suffered from her parents and unravels the relationship she had with her Grandmother; who later adopted her and her brother. As the season progresses, Brynn talks to her brother as they agree how the abuse they suffered led to an impact on their romantic life.


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