Katie Rost
Born July 7, 1980
Place of Origin Potomac, Maryland
Series Real Housewives of Potomac
Season(s) 1

Katie Rost is a Potomac housewife.

Katie has a very serious attitude problem. Learn and then speak, you are targeting some women who can really help her is she desires to be help. Is is standing on an old platform which can use some polishing up. She skin tone is darker than the others and is quick to say "I'm biracic so are a lot of us but it doesn't need to be briadcast every show. I am considered biracic am also but I choose to be black. My skin tone doesn't define me, my teaching at home does. My parents never put down one race in order to elevate the other. I was raised by special parents and dynamite grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins. Great upbringing. . The real you is inside of you when others aren't looking and listening. These housewives show are jokes, fighting and acting like total jerks as they try to bring each down and destroy their characters.


  • Kathryn & Renee (daughters)
  • Rocco (son)


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