Kim Fields
Born May 12, 1969
Place of Origin New York City, New York
Family Alexis Fields (little sister)
Johnathon Freeman (ex-husband)
Christopher Morgan (husband)
Series Real Housewives of Atlanta
Season(s) 8

Kim Victoria Fields is an Atlanta housewife.


Fields is a seasoned actress recognized most for her roles in The Facts of Life and Living Single.


Kim enters the scene in season 8 alongside returning housewife, Porsha Williams. She is introduced to the group by Kenya; the two had worked previously together on a project for acclaimed director Tyler Perry. Early on, Fields declares herself to be nonconfrontational and extremely family-oriented.


  • Laverne "Chip" Fields (Mom)
  • Johnathon Franklin Freeman (ex-husband; 1995-2001)
  • Christopher "Chris" Morgan (husband; 2007)
  • Sebastian Alexander Morgan (son; 2007)
  • Quincy Xavier Morgan (son; 2013)
  • Alexis Fields-Jackson (little sister)
  • Kevin Jackson (brother-in-law)
  • Kaycie Jae Jackson (niece)
  • Kaden Jackson (nephew)


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