Lauri Waring Peterson
Lauri Waring Peterson
Orange County

Lauri Waring Peterson, 41, joined the series as a divorcee once enjoying a wealthy, easygoing lifestyle with her three children; teenage daughter Ashley, teenage son Josh, and youngest daughter Sophie. The show began following Lauri's most recent divorce and move to a downgraded condo, much different than the grand home in Dove Canyon she lived in. Lauri has admitted to liking the finer things in life, most of them provided by a number of husbands. But once those relationships have dissolved, Lauri has gone from rich lifestyles to poor lifestyle, and being rich is by far easier as she explains. After financial troubles arise, Lauri begans working with fellow housewife Vicki Gunvalson's insurance business, ran out of her home office. Lauri's problems continue, however, after her son is sentenced to juvenile detention and her daughter Ashley is forced to move home after being unable to make ends meet on her own.

By Season 2 Lauri, a former model, is dating affluent land developer George Peterson and is seen working less with Vicki's company. Although her family problems persist, specifically with her son's increasing drug problem and scrapes with the law, Season 2 focuses more on Lauri and George's budding relationship. After a trip to the popular spot Lake Como, George proposes to Lauri and it seems her financial woes are forever gone.

In Season 3, Lauri and her family have moved into George's home that he shares with his children from a previous marriage. Josh (Lauri's son), however, does not join them as he is once again in trouble with the law. Lauri encounters problems with Josh as he leaves rehab, but by the end of a counseling sesssion, they appear to mend their ties enough for him to participate in Lauri's fairytale-like wedding to George.

By Season 4, Lauri's appearance on the Real Housewives dwindles as does her friendships with her fellow castmates. Eventually, after her son Josh is discovered to have a serious heroin addiction, Lauri announces her departure from the show, citing her focus on her family as the reason. She does reappear on the Season 4 reunion to update everyone about her life, but does not return as a castmate again. Lauri does not maintain close friendships with any of the other housewives as of currently.

Lauri currently lives with her husband, George Peterson in their San Juan Capistrano, California home.