Mary Schmidt Amons
Mary Schmidt Amons
Washington, D.C.

Mary Schmidt Amons,43, is a native Washingtonian with deep roots in the area and mother of five children. Granddaughter of legendary radio and television personality Arthur Godfrey, Mary has been surrounded by royalty, having grown up with the Kennedy family and spending summers at their house. She and her husband, Rich, have been married over 20 years and run their chaotic household together. Their five kids include Lolly, Ryan, Alexandra, Meghan and Matt.

Outside of running her family, Mary combines her love of fashion with giving back as the founder of charity “Labels for Love” and co-founder of “The District Sample Sale" both based in D.C. Amons was previously employed as executive director of the Vincent T. Lombardi Foundation, which was established by her father Robert L. Schmidt. Her father, Robert is currently the Chairman/CEO of Great American Broadband, Inc. and President/CEO of Integration Communications International, Inc.

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