Michaele Salahi
Born October 1, 1965
Place of Origin Oakton, VA
Series Real Housewives of D.C.
Season(s) 1

Michaele Salahi is a D.C. housewife.

Salahi is a former model who co-founded the American Polo Cup, in which her husband is the team captain of. Known for traveling among D.C.'s political and social scene, Michaele and her husband, Tareq, made national news when they confessed to crashing a reception for President Barack Obama in November 2009. Since the scandal broke, Michaele and her husband were nicknamed "The D.C. gatecrashers" in newspapers and media everywhere. Although the incident brought them publicity, it also brought a criminal investigation against the couple. Before her glamorous lifestyle, Michaele worked as a counter girl at Bloomingdale's where she met her husband.

Besides crashing parties, Michaele assists in running the family vineyard, Oasis Winery on the side. She enjoys being involved in numerous charities including working as an advocate and fundraising for MS and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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