Ramona Singer
Born November 17, 1956 (1956-11-17) (age 63)
Place of Origin North End of Hartford, Connecticut
Series Real Housewives of New York City
Season(s) 1-

Ramona Singer is a New York City housewife. As of season seven, Singer is the only cast member to have appeared on all seasons of RHONY in a "main housewife" capacity."


She first met Mario when the two frequented the same gym. While dining at a restaurant with her sister, Mario approached her and said, "aren't you the girl who wears the black G-String with the green ruffle?" She answered yes, and the two were instantly inseparable. Together, the two share one daughter, Avery.


Season 1

When we're first introduced to Ramona, she's married to Mario and a mother to pre-teen Avery. She's proud to be a "sexy mom," despite embarrassing Avery with her skimpy, young clothing and her outlandish behavior. She also is proud to be working and financially independent — she buys excess inventory and resells it to sellers.

Ramona lives on the Upper-East Side.

Ramona plays tennis while in the Hamptons and is quite competitive with cast-mate Jill Zarin. She hires tennis pro, Tim Lobello, who plays shirtless. She wonders if Mario will get jealous.


  • Mario (ex-husband)
  • Avery (daughter)


"We all want to look younger, if you work on it in a timely, natural basis, you’ll look younger than what your chronicle age is."

“There’s a Chicness about us that you don’t find anywhere else in the country. And everyone aspires to be like New Yorkers. There’s a savviness that comes with New York City.”

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