# Image Title Airdate
01 The real housewives of beverly hills logo [[Template:BHEp/1x01]] October 14, 2010
Shane is nervous about high school graduating and the pressure of making it big in baseball as his father did; Kimberly discusses the option of breast implants; Jo begins to deal with her being engaged to an older, richer man.
02 OC-Logo Episode 2 March 28, 2006
Shane is hired by Jo to hunt rabbits that are invading the neighborhood: Kimberly is being pressured into upgrading her car; and Vicki gets pretty wild on a cruise.
03 OC-Logo Episode 3 April 4, 2006
Shane is in Arizona visiting a college; Kara passes the time by spending money; and Vicki and Lauri get Botox treatments.
04 OC-Logo Episode 4 April 11, 2006
Kimberly and Scott go house hunting with Jeane; Shane takes a liking to Jo; Lauri has problems with her 16 year old son; and Vicki and her husband have an argument over Briana.
05 OC-Logo Episode 5 April 18, 2006
Jo is having problems taking care of the house. Josh gets out of juvenile hall. Vicki's husband is working on a house flip. Colton breaks his hand.
06 OC-Logo Episode 6 April 25, 2006
Slade's parents come visiting; Vicki attends her high school reunion; and Kimberly is awaiting news from her doctor.
07 OC-Logo The Finale May 2, 2006
Jo and Slade continue to have problems; Shane prepares to leave for college.
08 OC-Logo Reunion (OC Season 1) May 9, 2006
The five women reunite to tell their stories and reflect on the show.
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