# Image Title Airdate
01 Dclogo Welcome to the District August 5, 2010
Season 1 introduces us to the "official" Washington, D.C. Housewives, the newest addition to the Housewives franchise. In this season premiere we meet the different personalities coexisting in this nation's capital, and already old rivalries are revived and exposed. From blunt, British Cat to notorious party crasher Michaele, this season looks to have no lack of drama for our entertainment.
02 Dclogo Disloyal to the Party August 12, 2010
The housewives are all finally introduced and true personalities are beginning to seep out. A party for a mutual friend bring Lynda's frustrations towards Michaele forward and Stacie's family dinner introduced a new conflict.
03 Dclogo Foreign Relations August 19, 2010
After Tareq and Michaele suddenly decide to join Stacie and her husband on a trip to Paris, the couples began to form a bond. Back in Washington, controversy over Michaele's lack of D.C. etiquette creates a whole new batch of gossip and at Mary's dinner for an upcoming local stylist, old tensions arise and attitudes persist among this group of opinionated women.
04 Dclogo The Grape Stomp of Wrath August 26, 2010
The ladies attempt to kiss and make up as Michaele invites everyone out to her winery for a grape stomp. Lynda's move from her hi-rise condo to a lavish mansion is stressing her out. Cat becomes suspicious of Michaele and Tareq.
05 Dclogo The Grape Stomp of Wrath Pt. 2 September 9, 2010
The series picks up where it left off, with the couples dining at the Salahi winery, when the conversation gets serious. Tareq implicates Mary's daughter and things go left from here. Stacie and Lynda compare Salahi notes and Sarah Palin makes an appearance.


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