# Image Title Airdate
01 120px The Housewives are Back! January 16, 2007
The ladies return for the second season premiere, and with Kimberly gone a new housewife moves in.
02 120px Episode 202 January 23, 2007
Vicki drives her family, friends and co-workers insane as she preps for a relaxing two-week cruise to Europe.
03 120px Episode 203 January 30, 2007
Lauri buys a conservative black dress to go to a Republican fund raiser at the swanky St. Regis Hotel.
04 120px Episode 204 February 6, 2007
Unresolved tension between Jo and Lauri stemming from Lauri's relationship with Slade comes to a head.
05 120px Episode 205 February 13, 2007
Jeana welcomes a strange houseguest into her home when Shane invites a girl he met on the Internet to come spend a few days with them.
06 120px Episode 206 February 20, 2007
Jo has her first studio taping and needs something strong to get her through... Lauri get a surprise herself when she comes out of a photo shot and will her new business fail after all...Vicki is jealous and girl's night out is a little more than cooking...Tammy leave town for the weekend and her daughter has party but what does it take to pull it off and oh does mom find out?...And will anyone ever buy a horse for Tammy's girls again?
07 120px Episode 207 February 27, 2007
Colton and Kara prepare for the new school year by buying new clothes, while Jeane hires a dog trainer to tame their dogs, who are still out of control. Jo tells Slade she's moving to L.A. Tammy, tired of being single, starts dating once again. The ladies, excluding Jo, visit an astrologer and are amazed how accurate their readings are.
08 120px Episode 208 March 6, 2007
It is Jeana's birthday and no husband but Vicki's husband Don comes at least. And the rest of the Orange County girls are not pleased with Jeana's husband. Jo has a big meeting with a record company about her first single, does Slade make a fuss? And does she get naked for the photo shoot Slade sets up? The teens of Orange County are 'Angels' for Tammy's ex husband's new sport drink but are they really all Angels? Tammy and Duff to be or not to be, Duff is jealous of whom?
09 120px Season 2 Finale March 13, 2007
Jo gets dumped by her jack ass boyfriend slade? But Lauri gets a ring and does her business fail? And what will happen with Jeana and her husband? Leave it to the Girls of Orange County to make the season finale exciting and worth a million dollars. Lauris son Josh moves into the town house next season but "breaks house rules" and is kicked out, then moves into Lauris new husband's ex-wife's house.
10 120px Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special (Season 2) March 20, 2007
The housewives get together to discuss Season 2 and update us on the recent events from behind the scenes.
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