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# Image Title Airdate
01 NYC-Logo.png New Alliances March 4, 2010
The Real Housewives are back in New York and ready for a drama filled 3rd season! Things open up with Ramona throwing an end of summer boating outing where Jill, LuAnn, and Alex show up. On the boat, LuAnn and Ramona get into an argument about a "tasteless" comment made by Mario (Ramona's husband). Bethenny poses for a PETA ad and lunches with her new boyfriend, Jason. We also find out that Bethenny and Jill's friendship has fallen apart over the summer. Kelly meets up with Jill and LuAnn where they dish about their happenings throughout the summer in the Hamptons. Finally, LuAnn and Bethenny have a tense conversation over drinks.
02 NYC-Logo.png Dueling Labor Day Parties March 11, 2010
Ramona and LuAnn host simultaneous Labor Day Parties; Alex, Simon, Bethenny, and Jason attend Ramona's, and Jill, Bobby, and Kelly attend LuAnn's. Tensions build as the pressure rises on the LuAnn-Mario/Ramona and Bethenny-Jill conflicts. Kelly announces she will be posing for Playboy.
03 NYC-Logo.png Fall in Manhattan March 18, 2010
Kelly tells her daughters about the Playboy shoot; Jill confronts Bethenny.
04 NYC-Logo.png Fashion and Fighting March 25, 2010
LuAnn and Bethenny clash at a Fashion Week show. Later, Kelly, Jill and Ramona gossip about all things Bethenny. As for Bethenny, she hosts a style event, where she and Kelly actually agree on a cease-fire. Meanwhile, Jill's show results in an explosion of drama and one person's stormy exit.
05 NYC-Logo.png Hot Off the Press April 1, 2010
Bethenny discovers she's the focus of a gossip article and comes to suspect that Jill was the source. Meanwhile, Kelly participates in an interview for her Playboy spread; Alex selects designers for a Brooklyn fashion event; Kelly receives an e-mail warning from Jill regarding Bethenny; and Bethenny attempts to call a truce with Jill.
06 NYC-Logo.png The Ambush April 8, 2010
Bethenny and Ramona have a heated discussion while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge; Bethenny confides in Alex about her father; Alex, Kelly, Ramona, and Bethenny cast models for Brooklyn Fashion Week; LuAnn and Jill encounter Bethenny at Ramona's apartment, where Bethenny attempts to apologize to Jill. Jill gives her the brushoff since she "doesn't have her notes".
07 NYC-Logo.png New Girl, Old Money April 15, 2010
We meet divorcee Sonja Morgan who offers to throw LuAnn’s charity party at her five-story Upper East Side townhouse. Jill tells Bobby that seeing Bethenny was very painful but she thinks she is better off without her. Ramona has a surprise for Mario - she's preparing a romantic evening at home and proposing that they renew their wedding vows. Brooklyn Fashion Weekend has finally arrived with Alex, Kelly & Ramona strutting the catwalk. Bethenny is happy to discover she is pregnant.
08 NYC-Logo.png Let's See That Ring April 22, 2010
Ramona chooses a maid of honor for the renewal of her wedding vows. Bethenny announces her engagement and not everyone is as excited as she may be. Jill realizes she might have lost a good friend and might want to fix her relationship with Bethenny. However, Bethenny feels she may no longer want to become friends again with Jill and is done trying to fix their relationship. LuAnn gets a dose of reality when she goes apartment shopping and unexpectedly runs into Kelly.
09 NYC-Logo.png Stay on Message April 29, 2010
Jill hires new housewife Jennifer Gilbert to plan her holiday bash. Elsewhere, a stunned Bethenny discovers that her pregnancy was leaked on the internet; drama sharpens between Alex and Jill when Alex delivers a harsh message from Bethenny at Ramona's event; Sonja visits a nip-tuck doctor and a psychic.
10 NYC-Logo.png Leap Before You Look May 6, 2010
Luanne throws her "Cocktails and Couture" party but tension rises as Alex and Jill are forced to be in the same room together. Bethenny get an unexpected call from her dying father and goes to visit him in L.A. with fiancee Jason. New Housewife hosts a girls night. Jill once again explodes when she discovers Ramona knew that Bethenny's father was sick and never told her. As they start to patch things up Alex comes in and points out to Jill that she is treating the death of Bethenny's father as petty gossip. And Ramona invites all of the girls for a weekend away pre-renewal ceremony in the Virgin Islands.
11 NYC-Logo.png Housewife Overboard May 13, 2010
Some of the girls enjoy Ramona's Renewal Weekend. But, drama ensues between Kelly and Bethenny after Kelly has a couple of meltdowns. Luann goes to the studio and goes on a date.
12 NYC-Logo.png TBA TBA
13 NYC-Logo.png TBA TBA
14 NYC-Logo.png TBA TBA